MLA Julie Green makes a Member’s Statement in the Legislative Assembly

On October 20th during session at the Legislative Assembly, Julie Green, MLA for Yellowknife Centre, made a Member’s Statement congratulating the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife on the work we’ve been doing with the Rainbow Centre.

During the Statement, Julie discussed her own struggle with being young and LGBTQ+:

[…W]hen I was young and trying to understand my sexuality there was no Rainbow Centre to help. Having a Rainbow Centre in Yellowknife is a great accomplishment, not only for the youth who visit but for all of us. I offer the young people who established the centre and volunteer at it my warmest congratulations.

We’re honoured to not only be a part of Julie Green’s riding as constituents, but we’re also honoured to be recognized by the first openly queer MLA in territorial history.

Julie also made mention to the GNWT Departments who fund our Centre: GNWT MACA, HSSA and ECE.

“Kudos to the government for making this funding available to the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife.”

You can read Julie’s full statement here.

In addition to Julie’s statement, MLA Cory Vanthuyne and MLA Kieron Testart made a statement of recognition of the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife in the Gallery during session.

Thank you to all the great support from Territorial politicians in the NWT.