Makeup Workshop

Makeup Workshop – Hosted by Nicole Garbutt Makeup Artistry

All ages/genders/identities are welcome!

February 1st 2017
7:00pm – 8:30pm

Rainbow Youth Centre
5112 52nd Street
Yellowknife, NT

Download a poster here.

In partnership with the NWT Creative Collective, we’re really glad to bring you a Makeup Workshop, put on by Nicole Garbutt Makeup Artistry!

Folks use makeup for all kinds of reasons. Some people use it as art, some people use it for performance, and some people use it as part of their daily routine.

Start February off with some new skills that will help you learn some staple components to add to your artistic abilities. Workshop will include classic brow block, contouring and highlighting for structural shifts, beard stippling and simple hair application.

If you have supplies that you would like to bring, please do. Nicole will also have supplies if you don’t have anything!

For a lot of queer and trans folks, makeup can be used to help us navigate any dysphoria that we have with our bodies or faces, or it can help us to express our gender in a way that feels right for us. In this way, makeup can be life-saving.

Some folks also use makeup in drag performance; drag is an art form that expresses a hyper-performative version of femininity or masculinity. In this way, makeup can provide us with an artistic outlet to play with the concepts of masculinity and femininity.

We invite everybody (all ages/identities/sexualities/genders) to attend this workshop, no matter why how use makeup!

If you would like to attend, please sign up here: